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SESCO is the most trusted green energy solutions provider that introduces innovative renewable energy systems for mid-to-large organizations and institutions. Our solutions are designed to reduce carbon footprint while optimizing the energy expenses of companies.
The Research & Development team at SESCO comprises well-reputed application engineers specializing in implementing the newest technology for exclusive system design and engineering. Our engineering services also include demo boards and stimulated calculations to help clients maneuver through the design process.
Pakistan faces critical power outages, which cause detrimental downtime for organizations and institutions. SESCO aims at introducing sustainable energy alternatives in Pakistan through innovative solar power systems. Our solar panel systems offer customization to facilitate every client’s dynamic energy needs. We specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial solar power systems.
SESCO offers premium bespoke solar panel insurance for every type of solar power system. We deal directly with installers, investors, project managers to help them insure their project throughout its construction, erection, and operational phases. We work with A-rated and bankable insurers to provide premium coverage against damage, loss of revenue, public liability, injury to third parties, etc.
SESCO understands the different and dynamic needs of businesses when it comes to developing alternative energy solutions. We believe in equipping organizations and institutions with energy security and independence.
At SESCO, we firmly believe that clients choose renewable energy like solar power to reduce costs and become environmentally-friendly. That is why SESCO offers dependable financing services for solar power projects across Pakistan.
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