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SESCO stands for (S) Solar (E) Energy (S) Solutions (Co) Company. SESCO is the embodiment of sophisticated renewable energy innovation. The Firm’s name is an abbreviation of Solar Energy Solutions Company. SESCO was initiated in 2014 by engineers and industry experts having 20 years of extensive experience in the power generation sector of Pakistan.

As a family-owned company specializing in energy integration and renewable energy solutions, SESCO is steadily innovating solar technology solutions. At SESCO, we aim to resolve the country’s energy downtime and issues that jeopardize sustainability. We are doing this by carrying out photovoltaic construction in Pakistan with unrivaled expertise and enginery.

SESCO is redefining the installation and optimization of solar power plants in Pakistan. The company is specialized in offering technical and economic optimization of solar plants. SESCO is renowned in the industry for its competence, experience, and top-tier quality solutions.



SESCO aspires to educate and empower the country with renewable energy alternatives for higher utility and sustainability. The company is set to make solar energy systems more accessible to homes, workplaces, and institutes.


At SESCO, we are on a mission to provide a low-cost clean power supply to people living in Pakistan. We aim to introduce and evolve sustainable and green energy alternatives.


SESCO is a reputable company that believes in diversity, exclusiveness, sustainability, hard work, and customer satisfaction. The company believes in offering end-to-end solutions that provide high value to clients.

At SESCO, we offer solar plants’ construction and optimization for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and public usage. Our renewable energy specialists and engineers provide turnkey solutions that cover project development, project evaluation, installation, financing, operation, and maintenance of solar power systems.
  • Flexible Cost-Effective Solutions
  • We Tailored For Specific Client's Needs

Countrywide Operations

that fulfil the energy requirements of our clients

SESCO is profoundly experienced in offering renewable energy solutions all across Pakistan, covering all of the provinces. SESCO is committed to equipping the country with premium solar energy systems for a safe and sustainable future.

Our renewable energy specialists and engineers also provide after-sales services that help our clients to enjoy well-rounded project management and unparalleled support.


4000+ Tons
Carbon Footprint Reduction
12MW Plus
Installed And Supplied Capacity
Cities Served